What do Muslims think about other religions? FAQ 05


Islam honours and respects all religions

Regardless of what a person believes, Muslims love and respect every human being. This is what the their prophet Muhammad ﷺ expected from them and this what God, whom they refer to as Allah, expects from them.

Muslims are obligated to respect every human being. The very fact that they try to bring other people in Islam’s fold is based on the love for others. Muslims believe that if a person doesn’t accept that God is one and that Muhammad ﷺ is his prophet, he/she will be forced to lead a life of pain and punishment in hereafter. Muslims don’t want fellow human beings to suffer such a fate. This is why they constantly try Continue reading

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Who is Allah? The straightforward belief of God in Islam – FAQ 04


The ‘Kaaba’ which Muslims turn to in their prayers is not the object of worship. It’s merely the central part of the Mosque which Allah has asked Muslims to turn to in their prayers.

First of all, congratulations! If you are a non-Muslim and yet you want to know Islam then you deserve appreciation. There are millions of people around the world, following different faiths and religions. It’s important that we try and understand each other’s beliefs. Because, if we don’t, there are people who –for political gains- will try to divide us.

We had started this blog in order to provide our non-Muslim friends with clear and concise answers to frequently asked questions about Islam. You can find them all on this link.

Imagine you are on a voyage, travelling on a ship. In the middle of the ocean, the ship is taken by a storm and starts to lose its way. The storm intensifies and it seems like the ship is about to tip over. At this moment or any such moments, you will find Continue reading

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Who is Prophet Muhammad ﷺ ? Why is he such an important figure in Islam? FAQ 03


Masjid Al Nabawi or the Mosque of the prophet. This mosque was founded by Prophet Muhammed ﷺ and when he passed away at the age 63, he was laid to rest nearby.

If you are a non-Muslim and yet you want to know and learn about Islam, then congratulations! You are one of the few people who are interested in knowing about different religions, cultures and ways of life.

Learning about different religions is a very important thing to do in this era. We are living in a world where misconceptions and misunderstandings are being spread to instill fear in the people. This fear eventually leads to enmity and violence. We have to stop that. This can be done if we start to learn about each other’s religion and cultures.

Who is Prophet Muhammad ﷺ?

Prophet Muhammad, as the title suggests, is a prophet sent by God. His Continue reading

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When did Islam begin? Who brought it in this world? FAQ 02


Islam was propagated by thousands of prophets before Prophet Muhammed ﷺ (peace be upon them all)

Trying to understand different religions and their basics is a very good thing. It helps clear misconceptions and provides people with a deeper understanding of the people they live with. If you are a non-Muslim, and yet you are here to know and understand Islam, then you should be commended for it.

Clearing a common misunderstanding

Before going into the details of when did Islam start, it’s important to clear a widely spread misunderstanding. Many people believe that Prophet Muhammad ﷺ (peace be upon him) was the founder of Islam. Continue reading

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What is Islam? and what it’s not FAQ 01


A Muslim kid praying

We live in an era where information and knowledge is accessible to everyone. If you have an internet connection with a proper device, there is no reason why you should not learn more about our world, its people, and their lives.

If you follow any other religion than Islam and yet you want to know what Islam is, then you should be Continue reading

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Seerah – The Life story of a Hero – session 01

Assalamualaikum. We are finally starting the Sessions on Seerah which we had hinted earlier. This session is first of the series.

There is no need to download the file. You see the play button up ahead? just press it and the session will start.  Do listen and share your thoughts.


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Islam is not a ‘religion’


The title must have confounded or at the least surprised you. But the truth is, the word ‘religion’ is too limited to explain or describe Islam today. And there are plenty of reasons for that:

  • In today’s world, religion merely means celebrating certain festivals and observing some rituals, that too, depending on the mood and inclination of a person. Islam is not such a ‘religion’ Continue reading
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